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Custom Stadium Cups & Plastic Cups

For a Crowd Pleaser...
Cheers to cheering your team on with these custom cups.
Custom Stadium Cups & Plastic Cups Hero of Logo Cups
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Recently Viewed Products:

22 oz Pitcher Stadium Cup - Full Colour Inkjet (WB5)
200 for $1.62 ea
200 for $324.00
Full Color
The Social Cup - 16 oz (DKW-11481)
18 for $4.05 ea
18 for $72.90
Mood Stadium Cup - 22 oz (DKW-11585)
100 for $1.76 ea
100 for $176.00
Stein - 22 oz (DKW-11951)
100 for $2.84 ea
100 for $284.00
Plastic Stadium Cup – 16 oz (WBS)
150 for $0.79 ea
150 for $118.50
22 oz. Power Pitcher Stadium Cup (WBD)
250 for $0.92 ea
250 for $230.00
Smooth Stadium Cup - 12 oz (DKW-11783)
250 for $1.13 ea
250 for $282.50
Eco-Friendly Clear Cups - 16 oz (EVT-11437)
100 for $2.16 ea
100 for $216.00
Eco-Friendly Solid White Cups - 12 oz (EVT-11438)
100 for $2.19 ea
100 for $219.00
32 oz Foam Traveler Cups - The 500 Line (DKW-12247)
100 for $1.62 ea
100 for $162.00
Sampler Classic Crystal® Cups - 3.5 oz (EVT-11439)
100 for $1.29 ea
100 for $129.00
Full Colour Stadium Cup - White - 22 oz (DKW-11796)
500 for $1.07 ea
500 for $535.00
Full Color
of 5

What Is a Stadium Cup?

Good question! A stadium cup is really just a plastic cup that’s typically used at sporting events for beer or soda, hence the “stadium” moniker. They’re great for events with a large group of people because they’re affordable and can be a take-away item that attendees will use after the event. Stadium cups come in single-use forms, too. These paper or plastic promotional stadium cups are perfect for shots or coffee.

Are Custom Plastic Cups Good for Businesses?

Absolutely. You don’t have to be a sports team, restaurant, or bar in order to use bulk custom plastic cups. These are great for company break rooms, passing out at trade shows, and providing for an event your business is sponsoring. Everyone loves a free stadium cup!

How Many Ounces Are In a Plastic Stadium Cup?

We offer a variety of sizes in bulk custom plastic cups. The typical sizes are 16 oz., 22 oz., and 32 oz., which aligns with the amount of beer that’s served at stadiums.

Our choice for the smallest size is the 16 oz. Plastic Stadium Cup, which can be personalized with many different imprint colours. Or if you want your branding in beautiful full colour, don’t miss the Full Colour Inkjet 16 oz. Reusable Run Stadium Cup.

Next up in size is the Full Colour Inkjet 22 oz. Pitcher Stadium Cup. Look at all the room you get for your branding!

If you’re looking for an option in the inexpensive price range, the 32 oz. Foam Traveler Cups are for you.

What Are Mood Custom Plastic Cups?

Now, these are fun! Remember mood rings? The same idea goes for mood promotional stadium cups—body heat causes the frosted plastic to change colours. This is an especially eye-catching feature for promo items, since it will put all the attention on your logo!

The Full Colour 17 oz. Mood Stadium Cup is an instant party and changes from one translucent colour to the next.

For even more interest, choose the 17 oz. Confetti Mood Stadium Cup, which not only changes colours but also has confetti that looks like it’s floating in the liquid.

Do You Offer a Guarantee on Bulk Custom Plastic Cups?

We understand that when you put your business name or logo on something, it has to be perfect. When we’re customizing your custom stadium cups, we take the time to make sure your info looks its best. If for any reason your order isn’t produced exactly to your specifications, simply return the unused portion and we’ll replace the full order or provide a refund. If you have any questions, you can read more about our One-Year Guarantee.

We’re looking forward to your order! Let’s customize your promotional stadium cups today!