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Custom Letter Openers

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Choosing the Right Promo Letter Openers

Opening letters can be a pain, but we all have to do it. That’s what makes custom letter openers such a great marketing opportunity. Not only will they get used, customers will love how much easier opening letters becomes thanks to your branding.

The real question is which one to put your branding on. It all depends on what you want your envelope opener to do. Let’s cover the different options you have when it comes to custom letter openers:

Razor Letter Opener and Staple Pull

This combination Letter Opener and Staple Remover makes tedious office tasks quick and easy. Marketing this tool to companies that receive a lot of mail and stapled documents will ensure that your name is often in the hands of the right people.

Plastic Letter Opener with Sticky Note Flags

Flag down more customers with a duo Letter Opener and Sticky Note Flag Dispenser. This is a great tool for offices and administrators, so any business looking to market to organizations with offices should consider this letter opener for their branding.

What Kinds of Shapes Do Letter Openers Come In?

For many of us, when we think of letter openers, our mind jumps to the classic, knife-type of letter opener. But there’s tons of modern letter opener shapes that are small enough to fit in gift bags or even bowls at your reception desk.

Rectangular Letter Opener

This type of custom letter opener offers more space for your custom branding. You can see that on this Rectangular Letter Opener we offer that fully protects its stainless steel blade.

Circular Letter Opener

These Circular Letter Openers are great accessories to give out at vendor shows because of their size and attractive shape.

House-Shaped Letter Opener

For real estate agents or others marketing their home-related services, the House Shaped Letter Opener is the perfect, essential tool to pair with your promotional branding.